Hello world!

I am a writer. All I want to do is write. I wish I could sit all day and write stories, poems and memoirs. I would love to take a notebook and pen to a lovely park bench on a warm spring day and sit in the sunshine and write about it. My number one thing I love to do, other than write, is daydream. My motto is: Never Stop Dreaming! Dreams are what keep our hopes alive! If we stopped dreaming, things would never come to be. Too deep? It’s true!

If Alexander Graham Bell stopped day dreaming, which is also called, thinking deeply, we wouldn’t have cell phones, blackberries, and pdas! Which all stemmed from the telephone, eh?

I would love to meet the person that came up with making chocolate bars! I would be living in dire misery if it were not for this person. By far, in my opinion, best invention ever!

Don’t get me started on plumbing. That dear, dear man – probably – God love him! I am so grateful to have plumbing and inside toilets and showers.

You see? Dreamers get things done. Now, I am far from being that kind of dreamer. I have never invented anything except stories. I am able to put words together well enough to make someone laugh, cry, or just BG. That is my “IM” speak for “Big Grin”. Because I hate to use LOL so loosely. How many people are really “laughing out loud”? I am sure most are just smiling or grinning and possibly throwing their head back along with the grin. So for me, it’s BG!

Back to the point – I love to write, as you can see. I hope you come and enjoy some of it! I welcome you to my blog!



1 thought on “Hello world!

  1. Dreams are the stuff that is made of Passion, your passion drives you to write so continue to build your books and poems.Don’t let anyone stand in your way.

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